Friday, September 30, 2011


Photo: Gescheidt’s World, by Alfred Gescheidt, from Oui, February 1974. via: HC

"Sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down"
-Ray Bradbury

When you wake up exhausted after 8 hours of sleep, you know you're either depressed or working too hard. In my case, it is undoubtedly the latter (although the absence of someone special has, without question, cast a shadow on my mood). Even without rehearsals, the week has been insane. Auditions are piling up, and I'm trying to find time to implement Tim Phillips side-reading technique. I booked a trip to New Orleans for Halloween with my three best friends from college (no sob story there...I couldn't be more excited). I am booking a trip to New York as soon as the play closes to shoot with an incredible photographer who, amazingly, has agreed to shoot me (it's all about referrals)! I'm working overtime to assure that, when my current job ends, I'll have another one in the books. The constant threat of unemployment as an actor hovers over my head and, although I am lucky enough to have the security of a good day-job, the goal is to stay working in the field that, hopefully soon, will be a primary source of income. This weekend I only have three performances. My understudy is going on for the Sunday matinee so I can retrieve a friend from the airport and spend a little time with her. I have a slew of people coming to the Sunday night performance, which means the pressure's on. I've got a few auditions to go to and a shoot to prep for, but I will try to actively make time for rest and for my friend who I am beyond excited to see! Happy weekend!

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