Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last night I attended a cocktail mixer for Polsky Films, a young production company spearheaded by brothers Alan and Gabe Polsky. The event, hosted by Chateau Marmont's Bar Marmont, started with food and drinks and then a short lecture by the brothers themselves. Although the Polsky brothers only have a handful of films under their belt, their work has been exceedingly ambitious. Neither of the two had a film degree, or any experience whatsoever prior to their first job: a feature directed by Werner Hertzog, starring Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendez, and Val Kilmer.

This feat seems impossible. These two, young, inexperienced, easy-going guys managed to option a script, attach an auteur director, hire A-list talent, and get the picture made. How did they do it? Their answer last night was "passion."

Sure, I believe they were passionate - but so are a lot of people. While I'm sure passion and youthful energy did contribute to their successes, so did luck and money. The brothers describe their first office being in a "pool house," which doesn't illustrate their struggle as much as, maybe, they would have liked. Money, luck, passion - these are all contributing factors, but let us not forget confidence. For these guys to cold call (among others) the Einstein foundation, Werner Hertzog, and Jerry Weintraub, I'd say there's no short supply of confidence.

Maybe it's the immigrant mentality, as first generation Americans of Russian immigrant parents? Maybe it's the luxury of growing up in a successful family with access to first class education? Maybe it was born in them? All I can say is, after listening to their story, I've learned one thing: jump in head first and then figure out how to swim.

Worked for them.

Check out their breadth of work HERE.

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