Monday, September 26, 2011


Not much to report except that the weekend, as anticipated, was full of hard work. The weather is making significant turns to fall, which I am not unhappy about. There's something so exciting and romantic about the change of seasons - especially when the leaves turn and fireplaces begin to get some use.  With only two weeks left of the show, I'm beginning to think about next steps. With a few auditions coming up, brand new headshots, and a short-film in the works - the stepping stones seem to be placing themselves, but not without effort; once the ball is rolling, you have to keep it rolling and sometimes that requires a push. This week I'll finally have some nights off. It will be the first chunk of free time since August. At night I'll keep company with my lovely man in Argentina - gotta love Skype. Lately I've been dreaming of his homecoming, but patience is a virtue. Things I've also been dreaming of: quitting my day job, a best friend moving to LA, halloween, HBO, and eliminating my two hour commute from Santa Monica to the theater in Hollywood. Welcome to the working week!

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