Friday, September 9, 2011


photo by Ralph Gibson via: HC
"I hadn't been paying much attention to things like the sunrise, but that old sun had been coming up anyway. It didn't really care how I felt, it was going to rise and set regardless of whether I noticed it, and if I was going to enjoy it, that was up to me"
-Jeannette Walls (via)

Happy Friday indeed. This morning I finally had new head-shots taken with the fabulous and talented Dana Patrick. Dana is one of the few remaining photographers still using film, which gives her photos a unique, textured quality.  I loved playing dress-up with some great women and my grandmother, who fell dead asleep on the couch.

This weekend Dreams Factory opens in English. I'm hoping we've successfully shaken the Spanish version from our minds - I'm discovering that a bilingual show is, effectively, two entirely different productions. It is a challenge I'm happy to face.

It seems that every weekend there are new guests visiting town. This weekend is no different. Although I don't have much free time, any chance to see good friends is deeply valued. Equally valued are new relationships, especially those that keep your mind off the skeletons of the past.  Here's to making time for all of the above! Enjoy the sun.


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