Friday, September 16, 2011



These that are tideless waves,
Drift and build and over fall
Upon a shore that did not know its thirst.
Kiss and coat me, displace my sands
Talk slow in patterned tongues.
Into a twisted ear, let drip
From open lips, impulsive words.
All tangled things between my ribs
Unweave, underneath your hand
That heals and shows and shares and feels
What's quietly electric.

(a new poem I wrote)

Friday came quickly. Though last weekend's performances left me drained of energy, I made an effort to re-enter my social life outside the theater. With three nights off rehearsal, there were no excuses. But, in truth, the more time goes by between visits, the more stories to tell and, therefore, the juicier the gossip. The cast and crew of Dreams Factory/Fabrica de SueƱos were thrilled to see our favorable review in Backstage Magazine - we made "Critics Choice" - a solid validation of hard work. I'm happy to return to the poetry and lyricism of the Spanish performances this weekend and hope that seats will be filled with the news of our review! Last night my director, Julio Villegas, gave me the highest compliment I could ask for as an actress (which will remain private). All the traffic, long hours, and tedious rehearsals are worth it for his words. I am proud to have helped him achieve his vision and look forward to working with him again in the future. Also...I'm letting my heart race these days and I can't tell you how good it feels. Happy weekend everyone.

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