Monday, October 3, 2011


What a whirlwind weekend it was! Last night I had a herd of people come out to see the show and it felt so good to see some familiar faces in the audience. It feels equally good, if not better, to hear their positive reinforcement - especially from people in the field. A great friend came into town yesterday morning - I loved having the chance to catch up and swap stories. We've got a number of irons in the fire together; planning a photoshoot, orchestrating her move to LA next year, and brainstorming costume ideas for our imminent trip to New Orleans! This morning I officially booked my trip to New York, leaving no more than 24 hours after the close of my show. No time to let the moss grow! This week I have another audition, meeting with a casting director, some nights left open to spend with friends, a photoshoot, and the anticipation of the closing weekend of Dreams Factory. Welcome to your working week.

photos via: hoodoothatvoodoo

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