Monday, August 22, 2011


An almost wonderful or, I should say, potentially wonderful thing happened this weekend. Our office was temporarily occupied by a top-secret commercial shoot at the end of last week. On Friday afternoon I stopped by to cover for the site rep, who left for an audition. While manning my post at the temporary site rep, I was scouted by the commercial director who came up to me and said: "have you ever considered acting before?" These are the words of dreams! "Yes," I had considered acting and, even better, was currently working as an actress. After taking a quick photo of me on his phone and writing down my information, I have yet to hear from him. But I shouldn't lose hope so quickly - if I wasn't included in that particular job, there will certainly be others. This event, however small, confirmed once again the importance of timing in this industry. Luck, they say, is a combination of preparation and timing and you need em both to get ahead. Two weeks until opening night of my show means scrambling to get things finished. On Saturday we did a photoshoot for promotional ads, which I hopefully will post by the end of the week. Here's to finding some luck this week! Now, get to work.

photos via: hoodoothatvoodoo, HC

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