Tuesday, August 30, 2011


There's a wonderful slideshow on MSN Lifestyle honoring the year 1946 in the US and all its triumphs. Here are some highlights:

"It's fall of 1946. The war has ended, a new home will cost you less than $3,000, Frank Sinatra just released his first album, and Tupperware containers are coming to a department store near you. Yes, the American Dream is in full swing. From Dior dresses to Dr. Spock's baby advice, here's a glimpse at our lives 65 years ago today."

"With the release of Gilda on Feb. 14, Rita Hayworth would forever be remembered for her seductive striptease scene - in which she takes off (gasp!) a single glove. with her breakout role, the girl from Brooklyn became the face of Max Factor, appearing in ads for the brand's Tru-Color Lipstick, which promised: "glamorous reds, lovely reds, dramatic reds."

"French designer Christian Dior opened his Parisian fashion house, which would revolutionize women's clothing with the designer's "New Look". The iconic Dior style featured ultra-feminine dressed with full, calf-length skirts, cinched waists and shapely bodices."

"On March 12, Judy Garland gave birth to her first child, Liza Minnelli. The same year, births in the US jumped from around 223,000 in January to 339,000 in October, marking the beginning of the Baby Boom."

"With housing tacts being built to accommodate the growing number of new families, architect Richard Neutra introduced the mid-century modern aesthetic to the California suburbs [...] characterized by open floor plans, clean lines, and vast windows that opened to the outdoors."

"At 19, Lauren Bacall starred alongside 45-year-old Humphrey Bogart in To Have and Have Not. The two married a year later and their next film, The Big Sleep, opened in 1946. One of Hollywood's famous love stories, the two stars remained devoted to one another until Bogart's death in 1957."

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