Monday, May 30, 2011


For those loyal followers who have read about my chance encounters (and paralyzing shyness) with Mexican director Alejandro Gonzales Innaritu, hear this:

This weekend I was on my way to a workout when I noticed a cherried-out beige Vespa parked on the sidewalk. I KID YOU NOT. I thought to myself; what is the likelihood of their being two identical Vespas in Santa Monica? This had to belong to him. I parked my car in the space conveniently located in front of the Vespa. I considered skipping my workout and waiting in the car until he inevitably came back to leave. Then I noticed the store in front of which the Vespa was parked: a hair salon for people with curly hair. Innaritu most definitely has a head of curls, so that had to be the obvious answer. I gathered my courage and went into the salon (with the excuse of exchanging a dollar for quarters) and sure enough, there he was!

It wasn't the most convenient or luxurious moment. He was in the midst of a haircut, writing e-mails on his blackberry. But I wasn't going to test my luck this time, so I marched right up to him and interrupted. No more excuses!

Our conversation was brief; I didn't get the chance to tell him my story, or ask him any significant questions, or have him offer me some incredible opportunity (like I'd dreamed), but I achieved something by overcoming the fear of speaking to him. I left the salon and attacked my workout with more energy than I've had in a while.

The encounter with Innaritu must have sparked my confidence, because the rest of the day included a series of celebrity sightings, chance meetings, and new introductions. I met a producer on the street who took my contact information (sketchy, maybe, but I'll take my chances). I met Wolfgang Puck, Candy Spelling, and the daughter from Mad Men at the Los Angeles Ballet Gala, then had a wonderful night on the town with a good friend.

Just goes to show: all you have to do is jump the hurdle, and the rest of em don't seem so tall.

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