Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The following is a letter to Grace Kelly from Greta Garbo:

It reads:

Dear Little Princess,

You will never know how deeply touched I was to receive your letter. Your offer to me is unbelievably kind and sweet. 

I have not been around much with human beings lately and I have been rather nervous about making plans, but recently I did accept an invitation to stay a while with a family I know in Paris, who helped me very much last year, hoping they would understand my being "upside-downy."

I do hope to come to Monte Carlo sometime this summer but do not know when, so I should not like to tie you down to anything. When I, Lord willing, may be there, and if you still are at the Palace, I hope that I will be able to see your lovely person again. 

All my thanks to you and the Prince for having thought of me in this wonderful way.

My warmest thoughts and gratitude,
Greta Garbo

S.A.S. Princess Grace of Monaco
The Palace

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