Tuesday, May 24, 2011


New York City offered a warm welcome, despite the cool weather. From Bill Clinton, to LES fashion, Alexander McQueen, pin-up parties, Indefinite Transit, and great friends - the time away from my routine gave me inspiration and incredible insight, as is so often the case.

Bill Clinton's commencement speech for New York Universtiy, Class of 2011

Fashion show featuring up-and-coming designers on the Lower East Side

Open air fashion show w/ music

The models walked the perimeter of a square, stopping at each point to feature the clothing.

The show also featured silent auction

Alexander McQueen's costume/fashion retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

Alexander McQueen, Variations on a theme: Plaid dresses.

Alexander McQueen

This was truly one of the best costume exhibits I've ever seen. The wait in line is worth the tested patience.

Rooftop cocktails

That's Alright Mamma presents: Pin-up night at The Shop

Spring Issue, That's Alright Mamma

The Shop: functional motorcycle repair shop & dive bar in Williamsburg...check it out.
Thanks also to Indefinite Transit & The Blind Barber for hosting a grand night as well. Keep an eye out for Blind Barber, opening in Los Angeles this fall!

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