Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Ali MacGraw was the darling of the 1970s who won the world over, not for her skills as an actress, but for her piercing beauty. She was born on April fools day, 1939 in Weschester County, New York. Her mother and father were both artists.

After graduating from Wellesley College in 1960, MacGraw took a job assisting photographer Diana Vreeland at Harpers Bazaar. She remained a photographic assistant for six years, working for Bazaar and Vogue. During this time, MacGraw also had the opportunity to be the subject of the photos, eventually transitioning to print-ads and television commercials.

Having modeled for some time, MacGraw took the plunge into the world of acting. She was first recognized for her role in Goodbye Columbus, written by Philip Roth, but it wasn’t until her breakout role in Love Story that she became a movie star in her own right. It was for her performance in Love Story that she earned both Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations.

Ali MacGraw was linked to a string of men and was married three times over the course of two decades. In her early twenties, before her marriages, she had an illegal abortion and developed (what she later considered to be) male dependency issues. Although she had a son with film producer, Robert Evans, she is most famously linked to the late, great Steve McQueen, who she met on the set of The Getaway in 1972. They were married a year later and divorced five years after that.

In her autobiography Moving Pictures, she bravely confronts her suffering with alcoholism and its treatment. After a lengthy career, MacGraw moved to New Mexico where she continues to be an animal rights activist and yoga fanatic. 

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