Monday, December 19, 2011


Although I had to work Sunday as a site rep for another commercial shoot, I allowed myself Saturday to rest. I slept in, delivered a Christmas present, met a friend for coffee, and then saw Los Angeles Ballet's "The Nutcracker." The show was its usual holiday romp, but with the gayest Droselmeyer I've ever seen (which was hilarious). It's amazing that after all these years, I still remember the choreography. That show is - for better or for worse - forever embedded in my brain. And for the first time since I stopped dancing ballet, it made me want to take class again. Go figure. The 7:30am call-time on Sunday morning was brutal, but the shoot finished early and now I'll have some extra play money for New York! As for this week: holidays, holidays, holidays. Holiday parties, holiday dinners, friends coming home for holidays, own holiday trip to the city. In an effort to avoid the usual holiday treats and therefore be prepared for pilot season, I've decided to embark on a "master cleanse" - we will see if the rumors are true and the benefits outweigh the restrictions. Welcome to the working week!

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