Monday, December 5, 2011


Oh, Monday morning. Plans for the weekend changed abruptly when I agreed to be in a short film on Saturday afternoon/night. The entire film was improvised, which made everything more fun. Our call time was 5:30pm at a gorgeous modern house in the hollywood hills, which we did not leave until well after 4:00am the next morning. It didn't help that LA weather dipped into the low 40s (with windchill) and we were standing in cocktail dresses and 5'' heels, but it was a terrific experience and I look forward to the next opportunity. I had the chance to meet some lovely people doing similar things as I am. Bouncing off ideas and methods is always beneficial, especially because most of my friends are in other industries or other cities. December crept up fast and is flying by. The holiday parties are already beginning! Welcome to the working week.

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