Monday, December 12, 2011


View from this weekend's location in Malibu.

 Thursday's shoot at our office - the photographer fell in the pond, cones proved necessary.

Art department heroically transformed our firm into a Medical office.

Location from last weekend's shoot in the Hollywood hills.

It has been a busy few weeks, but the momentum has definitely picked up as of late. The weekend was a whirlwind. Thursday's shoot at our architectural firm was the first of many long days of shooting, starting with a 7am call time. Friday I drove out to Malibu to shoot the first of a series of Skincare commercials to launch a new brand. It was an awesome group of people with lots of energy, talent, and humor, at a beautiful location. Even though shooting requires patience and long waiting time, hanging out at a beach house with a good group of people is nothing to complain about. I learned a lot and was challenged by the very technical dialogue; trying to make dematological terms seem as natural as saying 'hello'. And with the writer in the room, there's absolutely no chance to take liberties with the text. We wrapped the shoot close to 2:00am this morning, so my 8:00am wake-up call was not a welcome surprise. But routine resumes with the work week, of which I have few left - and for that I am hugely thankful. This week I'm having guests over to my apartment, dragging myself out in the rain to auditions, trying to find time for Christmas preparation/shopping, and eagerly awaiting my holiday trip to New York. Welcome to the working week!

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