Monday, November 7, 2011


The combination of Dia de los Muertos festivals, with colorful candles, make-up, and music, in addition to the company of good friends made the weekend one of the best in recent memory. Not to mention spending time with Argentina's latest export and playing a playmate-turned-actress in a first reading of a new play. Weekends like this remind me how important it is to surround yourself with good people, interesting customs, and colorful ways of life. And even though I may have skipped a couple auditions, sometimes you gotta take a break from career and have a little fun. Sunday I was in good company at the reading of a new play "Just About Anything he Wants" - terrific actors and smart, fresh writing made the evening so enjoyable. We followed the rehearsal with warm soup, which was perfect on a rainy day. As usual, the week is filling up; concert tonight, auditions beginning to pile, networking events, and, of course, lots of work. Welcome to the working week.

photos via: hoodoothatvoodoo

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