Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I realize this photo diary post is a bit late, but better late than never. Above is the view coming in to New York. Never gets old.

A beautiful installation piece, Sum of Days, by brazilian artist Carlito Carvalhosa, examining space and sound through compounded recordings of actual visitors and long hanging translucent curtains. MoMA.

 De Kooning retrospective at MoMA. If you are in New York, this is definitely worth seeing. With over 200 of his original works, it's one of the most comprehensive and expressive retrospectives I've seen.

Uptown at central park on a beautiful fall day. Followed by an equally beautiful visit to Bergdorfs.

Ariana Dilorenzo and Noah Shalom performing Ariana's latest music at Fontanas on the lower east side.

The proof sheets from my NYC shoot came in late last week. The photos look great and I'm thrilled to see the finished product! Look out for em.

First photograph I took in New Orleans - at the foot of the staircase in the house we stayed. Josephine Sacabo and Dalt Wonk were generous enough to let us four girls stay in their amazing Victorian-meets-haunted mansion over the weekend. Josephine, who works as a photographer and has a retrospective at the New Orleans Museum, decorated the house single-handedly. It was perfectly frayed at the edges, with an old world charm that was both tasteful and site-specific to its hometown.

Doorway to the dining room. Drinks with friends on my first night.

A handmade birdcage left over from the original owner of the house. The house is filled with treasures like this.

The living room housed a small puppet theater complete with costumed dolls. The walls were filled with framed photographs (the nude is one of Josephine's), illustrations, water-colors, and other original works.

 The living room was warm with red couches, leather chairs, oriental rugs (also in every room, including the bathroom), and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. The book collection in the household was something to behold.

The following night we prepared for the Halloween parade down Burbon street. Tequila, fangs, fascinator, limes, 5-hour energy, and new red lingerie made the perfect NOLA still life.

Ariana applying her fangs - quite a complicated process.

On our way to Burbon st.

We ended the night in Pirates Alley, where there is a famous absinthe bar. We tried both kinds of absinthe (shown above) and were served by a lady in a green tinker-bell costume. It seemed fitting.

Scarlet and I showing off her noteworthy pin-up hairstyling.

Josephine also took us on a field trip to her photography studio. The open space filled with toys and props was an artists dream.

In front of a mirrored japanese screen.

Some props and backdrops.

 Ariana resting on a day bed.

Josephine Sacabo and a neighbor's dog, Ferguson.

The group of us lounging on the day bed.


On Sunday we attended Voodoo Fest. It was not quite as big as other music festivals, but filled with energy and less foot traffic.

The Raconteurs at Voodoo Fest. Killed it.

Necessary cappuccino on my way back home.

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