Monday, March 21, 2011


This weekend at the box office:

Bradley Cooper proves he carry a movie, raking up $19 million this weekend for Limitless. The film, about a writer whose luck changes - for the better - after taking a "smart pill", recovered most of its $27 million budget in its debut weekend. Profit potentials are - dare I say - limitless.

Second this weekend was the animated feature, Rango, whose grossing dropped 32% to $15 million. The film has earned an estimated $92.6 million in only three weeks. Is this Johnny Depp's pull?

Third comes the gratuitous Battle Los Angeles, which plummeted 59% this week, making $14.6 million.

Fourth is the debut of Matthew McConaughy's The Lincoln Lawyer, making $13.4 million. The film didn't quite reach McConaughy's usual standard, but he does take a departure from his usual roles; wearing a shirt for the entirety of the film.

Fifth came Paul, the R rated comic book movie, making a respectable $13.2 million.


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