Monday, January 2, 2012


I usually start the new year by reflecting on the last and making wishes for the months in front of me. Here are some of my favorite things in 2011:

Favorite... The History of Love, written by Nicole Krauss. The Skin I Live In, dir. Pedro Almodovar.

...exhibit: De Kooning retrospective, Museum of Modern Art, Manhattan, New York.

...concert: The Raconteurs, live at Voodoo Fest.

...photoshoot: Mark Veltman, Brooklyn, New York.

...trip: New Orleans with my favorite ladies.

...performance I saw: The Merchant of Venice, Broad Stage, Santa Monica.

...movement show: Fuerza Bruta, New York, New York.

...job: working with the Bilingual Actors Repertory Theater Company. addition: mi amor.

It's incredible how much can change in a year. This new January is full of expectation. There are so many exciting things to look forward to in the coming year. I'm ready to celebrate the changes and tackle the challenges. In my opinion, resolutions are not only for January 1st - they should be reviewed, modified, and added to year-round, but it's always a good idea to start the year with some specific goals. This year I hope for heath and happiness - and the ability to make a living doing what I love. Welcome to the new year!!

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